College Recruiting Service

College Placement Assistance Program

For ALL Lax Dreams Players

Coach Kostolansky’s experience as both a Division 1 Coach and player, as well as his professional experience in the MLL gives him a tremendous network of contacts in the small tight knit lacrosse world.  Joe has instant credibility and name recognition with virtually every college lacrosse program in the country.  With this pedigree and background comes a countless number of relationships Coach Joe has with the best Division 1 programs to MCLA club programs.  Not only has Kostolansky coached D1 but he has also coached at the D3 level as well as at the club level and understands the nuances of recruiting at each and NCAA recruiting bylaws.

Coach Kostolansky will work with each player in the Lax Dreams family to find the right college fit for them.  We will help you find the school that best matches up with your needs on the lacrosse field, in the classroom, and socially.

To take advantage of our “CPA” program please email or call Joe to get started.  We at Lax Dreams are 110% COMMITTED and LOYAL to each one of our student athletes….  And it is a true privilege to be able serve them!