About Our Girls Program

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 8.52.44 AMOur culture at Lax Dreams Lacrosse Academy permeates all we do; as coaches, as players, and as an organization.

Every effort we make is dedicated towards one overarching mantra; striving for excellence. Striving is what competing is all about—striving for excellence, striving for knowledge. It has nothing to do with winning or losing. It’s about a mentality and a mindset that gives us direction in creating a culture. What our Lax Dreams players come to understand is that they are striving for their best, and we as coaches are striving to bring out the best they have in them, knowing that if we take every individual player, and figure out who they are and come to understand their strengths and weaknesses and everything we can about them, we can better communicate how to bring them to the best they have to offer.

Grit is another value that we seek to instill in each and every student at Lax Dreams. When we talk about grit here, we really mean this combination of perseverance and passion for what you’re doing over the long term. It’s not just being mentally tough in the moment, it’s all the other moments, it’s all the practice that goes into being truly world- class in what you do. It’s actually being kind of preoccupied by what you do.

Perseverance is a characteristic that Lax Dreams Lacrosse Academy players come to learn, as well. Perseverance is the continued practice of skills that you can’t do yet.
Passion is a crucial aspect of our culture here at Lax Dreams. It encompasses energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

When Lax Dreams players embrace this culture altogether, they quickly realize that they are a part of something special, something bigger than themselves that provides them with the confidence and resilience necessary to face any challenge head-on whether it is on or off the lacrosse field. Together, we can make your Lax Dream a reality.