“Coach Kostolansky’s experience as both a Division 1 Coach and player, as well as his professional experience in the MLL gives him a tremendous pedigree to recognize, develop and mentor lacrosse talent. Being a self made player who possessed a superior work ethic and drive makes Joe a great teacher of the game”

J.P. Brazel

Hofstra University

Men’s Lacrosse Coach

Joe, Just wanted to email you and thank you again for all your efforts this spring with Mike.   I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with Lax Dreams.   The instruction that you provided was top notch and the love for the game that you displayed was certainly contagious with all the kids.   My kid went from not really caring about lacrosse to circling the dates as to when the next practice would be.   Coaching is never easy and parents don’t always realize the difficulty that comes with the profession but I can honestly say you had a huge impact on my kid with learning the game and being a competitor.   He looks up you!!!!

Nick Kapral

Joe, just wanted to say thanks for all the work with my son Michael Sullivan. Coach Roucco is going to be surprised to see Michael playing Lefty. I thought you ran a great program. I would recommend you to everyone I know. I am planning to have Michael at the Black Friday date also. Once again you and Michael have surpassed my expectations.

Mike Sullivan

My experience playing for Joe at Arizona State University as a long stick midfielder was an incredible one. His wealth of lacrosse knowledge helped my game progress to the next level. His extensive lacrosse resume really does speak for itself.

One thing that it may not show is his incredible knowledge of fitness. Serving not only as the defensive coordinator but also the conditioning coach for ASU, I still regularly use many of the exercises, drills and lifts in my personal workout routines. As a coach now myself, I have implemented the same fitness philosophy of focusing on quality not quanity. Joe not only took my lacrosse to the next level but my conditioning and strength as well. I was fortunate enough to coach with him in a youth program in Arizona and his ability to cater to all ability levels is second to none.

Whether you are looking to learn the game of lacrosse or fine tune your skills to get ready for a division one tryout Joe has the knowledge and ability to get you there.

Matt Hale

My name is Nick Rossi. I played 4 years at Bath Haverling HS and I am presently a midfielder at Saint John Fisher College. I worked with Joe this past summer and I found him to be one of the most positive, supportive, and knowledgable instructors/coaches I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Even though I had a solid career in HS I had much to learn about the college game. Joe gave me a variety of excellent drills to use to improve my game. He also gave me some solid fundamentals to keep in mind to make me a better player and teammate. Everything he taught me, he not only told me HOW to do it, but SHOWED me through example. For a player, whether you’re a Beginner or a veteran, this is so important to see how something is done to understand how it can be implemented successfully. If you want to become a better lacrosse player and take away skills & drills to continue to improve your game, I strongly suggest you give Joe’s clinics and camps a shot. You won’t regret it!”

Nick Rossi